Thursday, April 14, 2011

Disobeying doctor's orders

So Ethan stayed home yesterday and Mike took the day off to do all the heavy lifting, etc. We took him to daycare today (he didn't have a fever) but he developed a fever, so he got sent home again. I didn't bother telling Mike, just went and took Ethan to the walk-in clinic. Luckily I had a folding umbrella stroller in the car, so I carefully lifted him out of his seat and put him in the stroller. It worked really well, not only for keeping me from carrying him, but we walked around the whole building many, many, many times before getting called in and it's the only thing that kept him from freaking out. He ended up getting antibiotics for inflamed tonsils.

So he has to stay home again tomorrow, and Mike still can't take more time off, so I am going to try really hard to not lift Ethan a lot. Poor little guy, it's not his fault he's sick, but his timing sure is terrible.


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