Sunday, April 10, 2011


Yes, it sounds dirty. I have been meaning to update my blog for ages now, but keep coming up with an excuse. I am running out of excuses.

Since I am so bad at updating my son's baby books, I figured an online journal is better than nothing. So I will be "trying" to update this blog on a regular basis, at least so I can get pictures up and some semblance of a timeline for his firsts, like when he first rides a tricycle etc. I have almost forgotten the day he started walking, and some of his other firsts I have written on a calendar from last year, but still, it would be nice to have it all in one place.

Anyway, I won't do any back-history on here, I will just start from the present and if I ever have time will try to squeeze in a few history lessons :)

Today we went into the city to take Mike's Grandma (Ethan's Great-grandma) grocery shopping. I remember now why we live in a small town and not the big city. the grocery store was a zoo. I was ready to go postal about 10 minutes after being in the store. Ethan wasn't too bad, but his schedule was messed up and he missed his big nap, so he had a couple of mini-tantrums in the store, which didn't exactly help my mood. once the shopping was done we went back to Grandma's and had some cheesecake, everything was much better :)

Here is a pic of Ethan passed out in the car after his big outing.

I am 6 days Post-Op for my hernia repair surgery, so I am still in a fair bit of pain during the day when I am up and about. I probably overdid it a bit today, but hopefully will feel better after a good night's sleep. I plan on lounging on the couch all evening too :)


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