Saturday, October 22, 2011


If anyone has read my blog (or knows me IRL), you will know that I have been looking desperately  for a job since I went on Maternity leave with Ethan.  Ethan is almost 2.5 and I am still commuting. 

All that is about to change.  I had a job interview last week, and I was offered the job on Monday.  I tried not to act too excited as I accepted the job over the phone.  I start on October 31.

I will be working in the Loan Compliance Department of the local Credit Union (read: bank).  It is a Monday to Friday job.  It is about a 3 minute drive from home, and a 1 minute drive from Ethan's daycare.  I am pretty excited about not having to drive 1 hour each way to work every day.  The pay is about $3,000 less per year, but since I am paying roughly $4,500 per year in gas I will still be bringing home more money.

I need to wear business suits once I start, and that is the part that is freaking me out the most.  My jobs have all been either business casual or casual, so I definitely do not have the wardrobe for the job yet.  The credit union will reimburse me up to 50% for some of the clothing so I am happy about that.  Now I need to lose weight so I can have more options in my wardrobe :)

I am actually a little sad about leaving my job.  I liked the people I worked with.  The job itself wasn't exactly rocket science, I am pretty sure I won't miss that, but will definitely miss the camaraderie I found there.  Since I will be in a "satellite" location away from the main branch, I am not sure how many people I will be working with.  It might be easier to lose weight without so many people bringing in treats every day...

I am hoping this will be a positive change for my family, the long hours were really starting to get to all of us.  Mike still needs to commute, but at least with me closer I can get more stuff done and take a little of the burden off him.  I am looking forward to seeing how much we are affected by this positive change.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

First Dentist Trip

Yesterday we took Ethan to his first Dentist appointment.  It is free for children under 3, so I figured I would take him in when I got my teeth cleaned and get it over with.  I was in the chair getting my teeth cleaned when Ethan got his teeth checked, but I heard everything :)  And, because I wasn't in there, Mike didn't take any pictures, even though I gave him the camera... (I really wanted a picture, even if he was crying, but Mike doesn't like taking pictures if the subject is not sitting like a statue and smiling angelically).

Ethan was pretty good about sitting in the dentist chair, but got a little scared when they moved the chair back.  He cried a little when the dentist checked his teeth out, but it wasn't a full-on scream so we were lucky.  The dentist said his teeth look good.  He has 16 out of 20 teeth, so he will be teething again pretty soon she said (the hands in his mouth and extra drooling are already happening).

The dentist gave him a bag full of goodies that he helped pick out.  He got a new toothbrush, a car a top (the spinning variety) and a latex glove.  He played with the glove (under supervision) all day yesterday.  I don't think he even noticed the other toys.

So while Ethan did well, I have my second cavity (ever) and need to get it filled.  So I am going in a week to get that done.  Is it weird that the only two cavities I have ever had are on the top front teeth?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Autumn is Here and things are Great...Sort of

It is October 2 and the days are still (mostly) warm and gorgeous, if a little windy.  We had frost 2 nights so far, but nothing more than that.  I will not complain, because there have been some Septembers that have been downright nasty as far as the weather was concerned.  If this weather can stay with us until mid or late November, I will be happy.

Ethan has been growing/learning by leaps and bounds.  he can now say 4-6 word sentences and expresses his desire for independence a lot.  It is nice to see, but is frustrating for me at times.  It is also sad to see my little boy growing up :(

                                       Ethan - putting his animals to sleep on the second to bottom stair

I still have another post to do about our summer and that one will be picture heavy, but I just wanted to write down a few thoughts I have had between the big posts.

I am still struggling as a working Mom who commutes 2 hours (round trip) to work.  I have been trying very hard to get a job closer to home, and I have had several interviews, but have still not had any luck getting further than an interview.  Both the time spent away from home AND the money I spend on gas has been taking a toll on me and my family.  I am trying to maintain my energy level, lose weight, exercise, and still be "there" all the time for Ethan and Mike.  But some days are harder than others.  I would love to write/maintain my blog more frequently, but it doesn't seem like things are going to be less hectic any time soon (unless I win the lottery or instantly get a new job in my town with awesome pay).

So in the meantime, I will try every day to do the best I can, and know that is all I can do.  Hopefully I will have more time in the winter months to update the blog and get Ethan's life down on permanent record.   I also want to get back into my groove of reading all my favourite Mom Blogs and having the time to comment on them.

I also hope that this blog gets read by more than my brother (even though I love you Chris and am happy you can share in Ethan's and our lives through here since you are so far away).