Friday, April 15, 2011

Big Boy Bed

Poor little Ethan had to stay home today with me. Since I am off work recovering from surgery, at least I didn't have to take a sick day, but I am not supposed to lift him. So Mike took the mattress out of the crib and out it on the floor so I wouldn't have to do any lifting.

Ethan thought it was great, he laid on it an kept saying "night night". The only problem was that he didn't actually want to sleep on it. I managed to get him to sleep for 1.5 hours, and even that was tough - I had to rock him until he was almost fast asleep, then put him on the mattress and lay on the floor beside him patting his back until he fell back asleep, then I eased myself off the floor in stages to make sure he wasn't waking up and then I left.

He looked tired, so I thought he wanted to nap so I asked him if he wanted to go to bed and he said yes. He then spent about 45 minutes "playing night night", he would close the door and yell night night and wait for me to yell it back. He also read some books and played with some toys. Various other bangs and crying sounds were heard as well. At least I got some laundry done during that time :) The joy of having the laundry on the second floor.

Needless to say, he doesn't really seem ready for the big boy yet at this time. When Mike got home he put the mattress back in the crib and Ethan slept through the night with one wake up for Advil when his fever crept back.

We'll try again when he isn't sick.


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