Wednesday, November 16, 2011

On My Birthday...

I am 36 today.  I am not freaked out about my age, I accept it.  The only thing that has been upsetting me is the fact that I haven't managed to get in shape yet.  I had a great month in September, I was back at walking regularly and going on my elliptical trainer a lot as well.

I received an email from today and I think it pretty much states how I would like to spend my next year of life - not just in regards to getting in shape.  Maybe by my next birthday I will have one less regret and even more joys and accomplishments to share.


  1. Have a great birthday and don't focus on the negative. I always find birthdays depressing because it reminds me of how much I haven't done in the last year. I'm trying to turn around my thinking. If you remember the two clueless university students sleeping in through early classes and living on junk food.... We've come a long way!!! :)

  2. Happy Birthday! This is such a wonderful post!

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