Monday, August 1, 2011

Busy Summers

Wow! I can't believe it is August 1 already!  Summer is flying by really quickly this year.  It is hot this year, which makes it feel a bit more like summer, and Ethan is older now, so he is experiencing a lot of firsts in regards to activities, even if he did them last year when he was 1.  He went to his first local fair. He went on his first real life steam train.  He went to the beach last year, but this year it was a whole new experience.  We also went Camping for the first time ever with Ethan(the same time he was brave enough to walk on the sand and go in the water at the beach). 

We are headed to Maple Grove, MN to stay at the KOA there (in little one room air conditioned "Kabins").  Mike and I went to Minneapolis last year, but left Ethan at home with his grandparents.  This year we are taking him and hoping he will enjoy it. So far we are planning to go to the Mall of America and Ikea.  I found a place called Como Zoo that looks like fun, but it is in St. Paul and I am a little nervous about driving on regular streets (off the interstates) where I can get lost more easily.

We are even going to be crazy enough to try Chuck E Cheese.  I know it will be crazy in there, but I kind of want one meal where Ethan can run around and be himself at a restaurant, usually we are trying to make him sit down and wait for dinner, and that is almost like punishment for a busy 2 year old (and really stressful for us too).  Are we crazy for willingly going there?

If anyone has anything else fun to do in Minneapolis and surrounding areas, please let me know. We aren't going to Valley Fair because it is for kids over 3 and Ethan is only 2.  Plus, we really don't have the money.  The amusement park at the Mall of America will be enough for Ethan.

It is a long weekend here in Canada (for anyone not in Canada reading this), so in theory we should be getting lots done and be all packed for our trip later this week, but of course we're not.  I am an avid bookworm, and two books that I ordered online came in on Friday, so I had to read one.  I chose the smaller, 477 page book to start off with.  I finished in two days, which is amazing because it was a typical weekend with grocery shopping, spending time with my hubby and son, going into Winnipeg for some errands, having my dad and step-mom over for dinner and of course, cleaning.


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