Monday, April 25, 2011


We had a pretty good weekend. Ethan's antibiotics kicked in and he started feeling better. Then his nose started running, and now he has another cold (great).

We had a big Easter dinner on Saturday at Mike's brother's house, it was fun, but pretty chaotic. On Sunday it was beautiful (it went up to 17 degrees Celsius), so we went to the nearby Provincial forest, and had a picnic at the day use area there. there were quite a few families taking advantage of the weather. Ethan had a pretty good time walking around exploring the terrain. He picked up a stick and used it for walking. Of course, I forgot my camera so I missed a whole bunch of cute Ethan pictures. We took a bubble wand out there as well as a beach ball. Ethan had fun chasing those around. We took him to a water covered area and we listened to the frogs and ducks.

Ethan and Mike are home today as Ethan's daycare is closed for Easter Monday. I am the lucky duck that gets to go back to work :) It is 6:45 am right now, and both my boys are sleeping.


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