Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sick day

Well, little boy came home yesterday from daycare looking terrible - red cheeks, very cranky and on the verge of a fever. He went to sleep without finishing his supper, and woke up a couple of times.

I made the decision to keep him home today, I figured it would be better to stay home one day than for him to be sent home with a fever, and then one of us would have to take tomorrow off too, because the daycare has a 24 hour rule when a child is sent home with a fever.

He woke up 4:30 this morning, and stayed up until just after 9. I got him to go to bed by leaving his "I love you" Elmo book with him. He has been crying every 15 minutes or so, and then going back to sleep, so I don't know how rested he will be.

I will take him to the doctor today. If nothing is wrong, at least I can get the 3 month check up the ear Nose Throat specialist suggested we have after Ethan's surgery to out tubes in his year. It will be 3 months since he had the surgery on May 10, so May 4 is pretty close.

I took Ethan to the doctor, and his throat was pretty swollen.  The reason he was crying every 15 minutes was because he developed a fever.    The doctor gave me a prescription for antibiotics and said to use it if his fever doesn't go away, or gets higher in the next 24 hours.
Unfortunately, the only thing that has been amusing him has been Barney & Friends on PBS.  Ugh.


  1. Barney is not the worst thing in the world. Calliou holds that distinction :)

  2. I have been keeping him away from Caillou as well :)