Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tonsils and Noses

Ethan had his tonsils removed on August 27.

Ethan before his surgery
It was tough watching him go with the nurse alone to go have the surgery done.

But after Mike and I had some lunch, and went back to the Parent Waiting Room, the doctor came in and said everything went well.  Ethan was a bit disoriented when he woke up and wanted his Mummy.

Ethan started to feel better once his Mummy held him for a bit.
I even had to sit on a wheelchair and get wheeled out of the recovery room with Ethan sitting with me (much like the picture above).

Ethan had a  couple of close calls while he was recovering - on the first day I went back to work and my mother-in-law was watching him he threw up for about 3 hours straight.  When I got home at lunch I gave him two doses of Gripe Water and it seemed to help.  Then that Sunday he was so mad that his throat hurt when he woke up from his nap that blood was in his spittle and we had to go to Emergency because the doctor told us to go to the ER if we saw any blood at all (in case the scabs came off he could bleed out).  He was fine though.

I knew he was better when he looked all shocked last Saturday and said  "I'm not sick any more!"

I really hope this will help keep him from being sick all the time.  He already seems like a new boy - he has lots of energy and doesn't seem cranky and tired all the time (just around nap and bedtime like most kids)  :)

Now that he is fully recovered, let's talk about me!  I went to see my Ear, Nose, Throat specialist this past Tuesday.  I told her I am still in pain 75% of the time, the last treatment she gave me didn't work much at all.  My sinuses are still blocked and painful.  She looked and said there was a small improvement.  She is booking me for surgery (not sure when), and in the meantime gave me really strong steroid drops (stronger than Prednisone, but local to my nose so less side effects) to put in my nose to try and shrink the nasal polyps that are clogging my sinuses up.  I have to say, after only 4 days of doing this, I am in significantly less pain.  I actually have a little bit of energy! I can enjoy spending time with my family!  Even if this is only a stop-gap until I get surgery, I will be happy for the time it lasts.

I even had energy to enjoy Ethan's first swimming lesson today, even though he cried through the entire thing.  He told me he wanted to play with the boats next time, and that he had fun.  Kids, go figure!

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  1. It is funny how they react that way, right? Hope there is a litle less crying at the next lesson!