Thursday, May 19, 2011

Let's Go to the Zoo!

My Mother's Day request was that for a gift we go out for breakfast and then to the Zoo.

Breakfast was a gong show (as are most outings with a toddler).  Ethan ran around during breakfast and screamed if we tried to contain him.  At one point while we were walking the restaurant, he spotted a little girl, probably about a year old, and he was excited to see her.  I pointed out that she was being fairly quiet, but he wasn't listening to me...

Next we headed out to the Zoo.  It is in Winnipeg, so it is just over an hour to get there from where we live.  Ethan napped on the way there (thankfully).  We were worried about rain as it was forecast to rain all day, so we were all decked out in our rain gear, had the rain cover for the stroller and everything.
Then it got really sunny and we didn't need all that rain gear!

Ethan was a little intimidated by all the animals and sights and sounds, but he seemed to have a  good time.

He takes nice pictures with Daddy:

And looks mad with me:


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