Thursday, May 19, 2011


It's bee a while since I have had a chance to get on here for updates.  We have been busy with work, daycare and just living life. 

One of the things we did was take Ethan to get his haircut.  He has had his haircut before, but that was before Christmas, and he wasn't as aware of what was going on as he is now.  So we went and warned him he was getting his haircut, and a lady would sit him in a chair and cut his hair, but he was tired ad freaked out that day.  The result was a haircut that was definitely not as short as we wanted.  he did leave with 2 lollipops from the hairdresser (I put one in my purse for later).  We waited until after the weekend (he got his first haircut on Friday afternoon on May 6) and he got his second haircut (done free of charge) on Monday afternoon.

I am pretty sure the lollipop I gave him DURING the haircut helped out the second time.

Here is haircut #1:

 And then #2:

He is always talking about Daddy getting a haircut (Mike got his done at the same time as Ethan the first time around).  And he talks about his own haircut.  I think he wants me to get a haircut too, because he is always pointing at my head and saying "Aircah?" (Haircut).


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