Sunday, October 16, 2011

First Dentist Trip

Yesterday we took Ethan to his first Dentist appointment.  It is free for children under 3, so I figured I would take him in when I got my teeth cleaned and get it over with.  I was in the chair getting my teeth cleaned when Ethan got his teeth checked, but I heard everything :)  And, because I wasn't in there, Mike didn't take any pictures, even though I gave him the camera... (I really wanted a picture, even if he was crying, but Mike doesn't like taking pictures if the subject is not sitting like a statue and smiling angelically).

Ethan was pretty good about sitting in the dentist chair, but got a little scared when they moved the chair back.  He cried a little when the dentist checked his teeth out, but it wasn't a full-on scream so we were lucky.  The dentist said his teeth look good.  He has 16 out of 20 teeth, so he will be teething again pretty soon she said (the hands in his mouth and extra drooling are already happening).

The dentist gave him a bag full of goodies that he helped pick out.  He got a new toothbrush, a car a top (the spinning variety) and a latex glove.  He played with the glove (under supervision) all day yesterday.  I don't think he even noticed the other toys.

So while Ethan did well, I have my second cavity (ever) and need to get it filled.  So I am going in a week to get that done.  Is it weird that the only two cavities I have ever had are on the top front teeth?


  1. Two cavities! Wow!! I was so prone to them when I was a child. Since hitting 20 I haven't had ANY! Don't understand at all.

  2. You're still very lucky to only have two cavities in your entire life. My friend has five already, and he doesn't want another one again, so he regularly visits his dentist to get those cavities filled.