Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fun times - Part 1

It's been a while since I have posted.  Between being busy and exhausted I haven't managed to get on here.  I guess those are the perils of being a mom to a toddler :)

But with such a cutie pie for a kid, I just HAVE to spend my spare moments with him.

We recently went to camping again, went to the zoo again, and to the beach again (while camping).  The good news is that the more often a 2 year old does something, the less freaked out by it he is.

Camping at Bird's Hill Park (just north of Winnipeg) was actually pretty fun this time.  Ethan only fell out of bed once, and he wasn't too scared to fall asleep.  The only drawback was that it was so freaking hot during the day (around 30/31C) and we don't have a/c in our old little trailer. We also forgot Ethan's stroller and his wagon, so we had to walk to the beach without any wheels, and Ethan had never done that, so he just stood there and we had to carry him.  Not fun in hot weather.

                                                   See the smiles!

                                                      Being busy at the beach!

We were so exhausted by Sunday morning though, and with the heat still going strong, we started packing up at 10.  The only sad bit was that one of my friends and her 2 boys were going to come and visit us, but we were already almost packed up, I told her we were too tired.  So we missed out on that, I was bummed, but also so tired I didn't think we would have been up for much walking or visiting.

That was the weekend before the Labour Day weekend.  We didn't have too much planned on the Labour Day weekend, I mostly wanted to catch up on housework and I WAS hoping to catch up on some blogging, but that didn't happen.  Ethan was pretty busy, and he is growing so much and changing so much, I was enjoying it.

I will post the rest of my story in a second part, this is probably long enough for now.


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