Friday, June 17, 2011


Ethan went to his first carnival this past weekend.  He was really overwhelmed and wasn't sure about what was going on, but he wasn't crying, so we took advantage and put him on some rides.

The first one we went on was the merry go round:
He wanted to get off right away, but I told him he'd be fine.  When we done, he said by to the horsie and seemed glad to be done.
Next, Mike took him on the helicopter ride:
 He seemed to enjoy that one, but didn't want Mike to make the helicopter go up high.

Next, we decided to all go on the Ferris Wheel.   Ethan was allowed to sit on my lap, and we showed him how small the cars looked.  It was a different kind of Ferris wheel, not as open as the ones we normally see:
We walked around a bit after that, and I won Ethan a stuffed fish in the balloon pop game.  We used the rest of our tickets on mini donuts, cotton candy, and a small drink.  We had two tickets left, so Mike took Ethan down on the slide just before we left:

Ethan was pretty quiet about the whole thing.  Until we got home.  He would NOT stop talking about the horsies, and the helicopter, and the Ferris wheel, and the slide.

He also threw up around supper time.  I am assuming it's from the tremendous amount of sugar he ate.  He gets sick from store bought cake, so it must be the same thing.  Must remember to not feed him so much sugar.

The next day, the carnival was still on, so on our way in to the city we stopped and asked Ethan if he wanted to go on any rides, but he made sure we understood that he didn't want to go on any rides.  He still seemed scared.

It is Friday now, and he has talked about his carnival experience all week.

We are going to the States (Grand Forks, ND) tomorrow, and then up to Sandy Hook to visit Mike's parents on Sunday, so this weekend will be a busy one as well.  Not sure if it will top the carnival though....


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